Important African American Slavery Revolts


It would be inconceivable to even imagine that revolts would not transpire when the horrific transgressions against the African Americans was in existence as it was during the slavery period. There were many revolts with some being more prominent than others and that gained recognition as being part of the African American history.


While slaves were under the stringent rules of the white population their conditions were for the most part deplorable and understandably slaves were taken to their breaking point where the dangers of revolt outweighed the dangers of their captivity. This rebellion was a classic example of this where it is deemed that it was the largest slave revolt to take place within the colonies. The slaves that participated were estimated to be about a hundred and managed to hold off their captors for more than a week before facing defeat.


Albeit considered to be a small rebellion the New York City Rebellion was based on a group of African Americans taking credit for the setting of several fires some of which were executed.


The rebellion of Nat Turner was one of the most highly recognized even though it only started with a group of small followers comprised of five that turned into eighty as they progressed through their killings of white people as they moved through the farm land. It is estimated that they racked up a death toll of 60 whites. While this may seem small in comparison to the what was taking place among the blacks it was enough to strike fear in the hearts of their captors.

While these are just a few examples of the more noted revolts there were many others that were consistently taking place throughout the slavery period.