Prominent African American Women


While there are many women who played an important role throughout the slavery years there are just as many who have contributed in some very positive ways to the rest of the African American history.

Hattie McDaniel

African American women had to fight hard for their rights and be recognized as an integral part of society. While there were many that did this Hattie McDaniel has to be recognized for her achievement as being the first female African American woman to be on the radio.

Madam C.J. Walker

No stranger to slavery Madam Walker was born into it as both her parents were slaves. She took on her first husband at the age of fourteen. What brought Madam Walker into recognition was her success at becoming the first black woman to become a millionaire. No easy feat as she worked to gain this with her development of a wide range of hair care products for black women.

Michelle Obama

We have to look at the present because there will be no mistaking that Michelle Obama will become part of black history as the first African American to become the first lady.